Welcome to 818Globalsourcing! We are an innovative sourcing company in the promotional products industry based in the charming and industrial city of Suzhou, China. When you’re in the big business of selling, it takes a lot of service manpower behind the scenes. Our goal is to provide you with all the resources you need to satisfy your customers, save you time, and increase your price competitions so that you can succeed at every level.
Why Choose Us?
Our model is that with us sourcing and supporting your business, you can focus your efforts on the all-important tasks of sales and marketing. We have worked hard for more than 10 years to build a streamlined platform system to find you the best products, reliably executing our role as your trusted virtual backend office provider to directly support your sales through:

Pricing: Our business model cuts out the middleman, which means you get a better sales profit margin. We also have the most competitive rates on global shipping services.

Capability: We have partnerships with over 1,000 quality manufacturers in China and know how to find the right one for your order. Not only can we deliver products that are not supplied in U.S. warehouses, we can have one-of-a-kind custom items made for your clients. If you work with us, the sky is the limit!

Simple: We continually strive to provide you with exceptional service. You will be assigned your very own personal sales assistant who will support you and locate manufacturers to fulfill your requests.  

Efficiency: We work together with you 24 hours a day: you engage your customers during the day, and then we will be busy working on your project while you sleep. You’ll have the product information ready when you wake up the next morning.

Are you looking for new and exciting opportunities in the promotional products industry? If so, we would love to work with you! We believe success involves hard work, respect and collaboration, and we are committed to building valuable relationships with our partners. So come work with us at  818Globalsourcing and the future of your company will be brighter than ever!
Company Overview
818Globalsourcing is a leading sourcing company in the promotional products industry with offices located in China and the U.S. With more than 300 sales agents and partnerships with over 1,000 manufacturers,  818Globalsourcing strives to be a trusted global supplier for distributors and contribute to the overall growth and success of their businesses.